Freelance Cinematographer and Gaffer specializing in lighting and working in small teams with budget constraints, while uplifting underprivileged voices.

Raven is able to make stories come to life the old skool' way, with the help of lots of lights and choosing the right angles. Her eye for color and composition comes from a background in fine arts, computer graphics.

Attending the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Raven learned to view life from a different lens. Focusing on composition and colors and how those factors can alter the mood of the observer. Using her passion for visual story telling led her to cinematography.

Starting out as an assistant camera operator and gaffer on "Flesh for the Beast, Tsukiko's Curse," Raven got to wear many hats and get a feel for what it was like to work as crew on a consistent set. After 2 years of assisting, Raven was ready to take her skills to the next level.

in 2015 She traveled abroad to Prague, CZ where she studied cinematography at Prague Film School. There, the focus was technique, proper set etiquette and how to edit her own work.

Raven has since brought her skills back to the US and currently resides in New York, NY. Her focus as of late has been documentaries and spotlighting stories of marginalized groups.

During the COVID pandemic the majority of sets ony allowed small or no film crews, so for the past few years she's become a true one woman show, handling everything from gripping to directing, which is ideal for documentary style filming. She hopes to work on more activists projects that uplift women, BIPOC and LQBTQIA+ Folx in the near future.